Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hypersphaera monochromaticus

Hypersphaera monochromaticus
Monochromatic Superball

Opaque and uniformly colored.  These solid, colorful balls come in the range of colors that can be found on the Chromatic Scale or appear in the visible spectrum. Also known as Spectral Colors.  In color theory, that is defined as color based on pure colors and variations of intensity.

After the introduction of the Original SuperBall®, these solid colored balls appeared in short order to satisfy the demand for more variety.

Photos Courtesy of Lenore M. Edman

Hypersphaerae monochromaticus
by Henry J. Simonds

This signature work from the series, Requeim for the Super Ball®, was created using reclaimed wood from and old Ikea side-table and a full spectrum of vintage Super Balls®.  Hand-cut and hand finished, the boxes in the triptych took over 50 hours to construct.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Smith, ©2011

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