Monday, December 29, 2014

Hypersphaera variavirgatis

Hypersphaera variavirgatis
Fruit Stripe Superball

This delicious sphere is distinguished by its bright colored stripes, set against a white background.  It is opaque and has a shiny, smooth surface.

Classified on December 29, 2104
by: Finn, Josie, Maddie x 1, and Jack

Officially accepted by Chief Sphaeralogist, Henry J. Simonds

Hypersphaera chromomusivum

Hypersphaera chromomusivum
Color Gridded Mosaic Superball

This opaque ball is composed of a variety of colored cells containing multi-colored swirls and lined patterns. The cells are outlined by a grid of green ribbon with a yellow center. The surface is of a satin texture. 

Classified on December 29, 2014 
by: Maddie x 2, Josie, Jack, Theo, and Finn

Officially accepted by Chief Sphaeralogist, Henry J. Simonds

Hypersphaera coloconcrispo

Hypersphaera coloconcrispo
Rainbow Swirl Jawbreaker Superball

This opaque super ball has a smooth, shiny surface. It is distinguished by its mix of multi-colored swirls. These swirls are set against a solid, white background in a marbled pattern.

Classified on December 29, 2014 by: Maddie x 2, Finn, and Josie

Officially Accepted by Chief Sphaeralogist, Henry J. Simonds

Hypersphaera chelonii


Hypersphaera chelonii
Rainbow-Colored Tortoise Shell Superball

This specimen is distinguished by its patterning that resembles the scutes and shell of the tortoise. It is opaque and has a textured, satin surface.

Classified by:

Finn, Josie, Maddie x 2, Jack

On December 29, 2014

Officially Adopted by Chief Sphaeralogist and I.S.S. Co-Founder, Henry J. Simonds

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scenes from BOUNCE! at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Hey Folks,

Here are some scenes from the exhibition.  Photos by Larry Rippel are from the opening celebration.  

The BOUNCE! Video was made by the folks at the CMP.


 - The Founders

I.S.S. Co-Founder and Chief Sphaeralogist visits the KDKA Morning Show

The I.S.S. gets air time!  KDKA Morning show Video.  Henry J. Simonds and Bill Schlageter of the Children's Museum visit the set to discuss BOUNCE!

Some Great B-Roll of the exhibit!!


The Founders

Alexandra Oliver Review of BOUNCE! on Pittsburgh Articulate

Thanks Alexandra for another nice write up!  We always value your thoughtful insight.

Pittsburgh Articulate Review


The Founders

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BOUNCE! - NEW PRESS - Tribune-Review and Kidsburgh

Hey Sphaeralogists,

BOUNCE! has been getting a lot of buzz in Pittsburgh.  Here are two more articles about the show and the partnership with the Children's Museum.  

There is even early discussion about the possibility of this traveling to other cities!  We here at the I.S.S. would love to be able to share this with folks across the country, so if you have ties to an of these org's, let us know.


The Founders

Saturday, October 11, 2014

City Paper loves BOUNCE!

Thanks Bill O'Drisoll!



So pleased to share our first big on- air press for the show:


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BOUNCE! - First press!!

Nadine and the folks at NEXT Pittsburgh have featured us in the TOP 10 things to do with Families in October.  DO it!!

Thank you for the boost!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Thank You's

As I prepare for the Opening of the new show, BOUNCE!, in a few weeks time; I am reminded of all the folks who made the LAST show possible.  

Thanks to:

- Lani and Leigh at Nakturnal for papering the town.
- Bailey Wiegel of Copper Kettle Brewing Company for the amazing I.S.S. Beers
Heather Hackett at the East End Food Co-op for providing support for "Family Day"
- Brian Holderman for the AMAZING posters
- Bob Beckman, Matt Forrest, and the whole crew at Artist Image Resource for the incredible creative collaboration and print work.
- Stephanie and Brad Towell at Modesto Studios for the Deep-V tees!
- Ashley Andrews, Erika Johnson, and Nora Gilchrist at PCCR for a fantastic "Family Day" Make Fest.
- Rob Long and crew for everything.

- Mia for the show!!!!

If I forgot you, you are not forgotten, just currently misidentified.



Saturday, September 20, 2014

BOUNCE!: Inspired by the World's Most Amazing Ball!

Hello Sphaeralogists and Sphaeralogical Fanatics,

We here at the I.S.S. are proud to share the GREAT!! news that we will be partnering with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh CLICK ME!!! on the AMAZING, BRAND NEW!! show

The #BRILLIANT folks at the CMoP have been hard at work thinking up Wild & Crazy ways to look at the Bouncy Ball from a frrreessshhh... perspective and our fearless Co-Founder and Chief Sphaeralogist, Henry J. Simonds, has been collaborating on some INCREDIBLE! original displays.  During the run of the show, Mr. Simonds will be keeping regular irregular hours each month to oversee programs and enlighten the small minded patrons - THIS IS A CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, SO THEY LITERALLY HAVE SMALLER BRAINS.  

SO... come on out during those cold, winter months and warm up by the light of tiny thoughts brightening as they - and you Big Kids! - get all wound up and giggly with excitment at the sight and sheer joy of playing with BOUNCY BALLS!!!!


The Founders



 Join us on Friday, October 10th, from 5-7:30pm for Cocktails and Hours Divorce to celebrate BOUNCE!

Please RSVP to Charlotta Enflo, Manager of Individual Giving at or 412-586-6038 by October 3.

Children's Museum Pittsburgh
10 Children's Way
Allegheny Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
For more details, isit our website at
Follow us on Twitter: @PghKids

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DATA 2014 Press Links

DATA 2014 has shared some Press and Documentation for the event.  See if you can find Chief Sphaeralogist Henry J. Simonds' Wham-O Logo Color Shoes.

Friday, May 23, 2014

SUPER•BALL Wins 2014 DATA!!!

Dear Sphaeralogists,

Because of you and your votes, SUPER•BALL won the award of "People's Choice" at the 2014 DATA celebration on May 7th.  11,000 people world-wide voted for dozens of projects in Desgin, Art, and Technology and OVERWHELMINGLY selected this exhibition as their favorite.

Many, many thanks to you and all the folks who made this possible.

Special thanks to:

Please forgive me if I left anyone off, as this was truly a community effort!


Henry J. Simonds
I.S.S., Co-Founder and Chief Sphaeralogist

DATA 2014 Awards Announced!

Monday, February 17, 2014

"SUPER•BALL" - New Works: 9 additional balls from photo series

Hey Friends,

For the new show, we decided that we had missed a few beautiful images during the edit for "Requiem for the Super Ball®" and expanded the series to 40 total single photos of video stills.  

Here are the 9 new images:


Monday, February 10, 2014



One of the most fun projects for the new show, was to create custom signage for the entrance, referencing old Wham-O logos and marketing material.  As luck would have it, a world class design/fabrication shop was located in the space adjacent to The MINE Factory.  Katie and Brandon were amazing and worked tirelessly to create these two stellar signs.

If you ever have any high-end design work you need, look them up.

So check out the works in progress, beginning with the original imagery, the concept crawings and the final works.  

I am really proud of their work and pleased to share it with you all.



"Original Graphic Files"

"SUPER•BALL Sign Concept"

"Action Fun Sign Concept"

"Sign Production"

"Completed Installation"