Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hypersphaera exsplendesco

Hypersphaera  exsplendesco
Glitter Superball

These sparkly balls vary in color and transparency, at times appearing either clear or translucent. Embedded within are iridescent pieces of colored mylar or paper that vary in size, color, and density.  Occasionally, the glitter can vary in shape (I.e, stars) or can be embedded along with other small objects, giving the balls a snow-globe like quality.

Photo Courtesy of Lenore M. Edman

Hypersphaera exsplendesco
by Henry J. Simonds

This specimen box was created for the exhibition, Requiem for the Super Ball®.  It is constructed of vintage, found, and repurposed materials.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Smith
© 2011
Hypersphaera exsplendesco, 2014

This specimen box by Henry J. Simonds was created for the exhibition, Bounce, a collaboration with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.  

Photo: © 2014 Henry J. Simonds/Headwater Media

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