Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Kindred Spirits!: Alexander Pedals – Sounds SUPER!!

It is always satisfying to see the extent to which others find inspiration in the SuperBall®.  Just as I did in 2013 with the exhibition at the Mine Factory, Matthew Farrow of Alexander Pedals in Garner, North Carolina went back to the colorful and dynamic graphic art of the original Super–Ball packaging and advertising to create the design for this effects pedal. The art draws you in just like the Wham-O design did and the look is inviting and exciting. It is perfect for a Kinetic Modulation effect (not that we at the I.S.S. know what that means!).

And many thanks to Alexi Morrissey for tipping us to this cool Sphaeralogical artifact.


Henry J. Simonds, Chief Sphaeralogist