Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Requiem for the Super Ball©" Video Shoot

Even an idea as simple as shooting bouncy balls out of a pneumatic canon into a custom built ballistic tank and filming them at 2800fps shouldn't be that hard to pull off.  Right?

Well, despite some complex math, near 100 degree temperatures, small quarters, and a few tiny glitches, it actually - in retrospect - wasn't all that hard to pull off.  Of course, that's if you have the geniuses at Clear Story Inc. - Rob Long and Doug McDermott - and Cinematographer, Steve Romano, on hand.

These guys pulled of a fun and masterful shoot.

Check out these photos of the masters at work.

The Clear Story Team is in the City.

Installing at John Lewis' Studio in Williamsburg.

Rob and Doug assembling the Sphaeracista.

View to the set.

That fan was the only source of cool air for three days!

An overloaded breaker box.

On location.

The Doug's converse.

End of Day 1.

The Cista is ready to be fine tuned.

The Camera Command Center.

Commander Steve Romano

Checking the lighting.  (It is hot in there BTW).

Ready to seal the Cista and fire away.

A ball at rest after a long day.

End of Day 2.

Day 3 begins.

Lighting test for 2nd Camera Position.

How the camera sees it.

Rob readies the final drop!

- The Founders

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Check out this clip from the today show featuring artists Richard and Judith Shelby Lang.  Look out for her necklace of Super Balls©!!

One Plastic Beach from Tess Thackara on Vimeo.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sphaeravesti and Sphaeragemmae at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

The Shop at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts now carries original I.S.S. Merchandise.

The I.S.S. Sphaeravesti T-Shirts and Sphaeragemmae Jewelry Line can be purchased along with other fine artists' offerings.  check it out at: 

or stop by at:

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
6300 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

"Requiem for the Super Ball©" - The Sphaeracista Tests and Test Clips

One of the components of the exhibition, Requiem for the Super Ball©, was a 77 minute tripdych video of Super Balls being shot out of a pneumatic canon into a custom built glass ballistic tank.  The results were filmed with a Phantom Flex Hi-Def camera and photographed at 2800 fps.  The final video is mesmerizing, but the tests and test clips are equally as exciting.

Enjoy the process as it unfolds! 

- The Founders

Here are the original tests of the canon and the initial tests of the ballistic glass

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I.S.S. in the Real World: Spinsters and Gemmae

The I.S.S. has been popping up all over the country lately.  From the Five Boros of New York to the Suburbs of Pittsburgh.

Check it out:

A family tradition takes on new life with the sponsorship of the I.S.S.  Co-founder, Henry J. Simonds, enjoyed a bike outing at the Five Boro Bike Ride with his father and buddy John - 
The I.S.S. Spinsters.

Our friend the bodega lady takes a self-portrait (instead of a picture of the I.S.S. Spinsters)

The Spinsters before the ride. (Look at those handsome jerseys!)

Father and Son after the ride, waiting for the Staten Island Ferry

The Spinsters have done it.

Henry and Pop.

Some other sightings of the Sphaeragemmae:

The Simonds Cousins Show off their SB Rings.

This is a great man and an even greater Sphaeralogist. 
 (Nick and ZeShan's buddy, who - whenever he comes over to their house - always accessorizes with these I.S.S. earrings.)

He makes the I.S.S. proud!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walk Tall and Stay Dry Sphaeralogists!

Find here the latest I.S.S. Accessories Made for the Artists and Fleas' I.S.S. Pop-up Shop.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I.S.S. Speedsters Crush the Zoo!

Team I.S.S. Speedsters rocked their colors at the 2012 Wilderness Conservation Society "Run for the Wild".  The team of dedicated sphaeralogists raised over $2300.00 towards supporting lion habitat conservation.  Thanks to Melissa, Kate, Christy, Caleb, Jeff, Tom, Ben, and Moose for a great first outing for the I.S.S. Adventurers Club.

Cheers,  The Founder