Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Middlebury College - Installation pro tempore of GLOBAL IMPACT

Temporary and ONLY installation of GLOBAL IMPACT at Middlebury College

These 21 photographs are to be distributed to 21 separate locations across the Middlebury institutional footprint to exist as a single, globe-encompassing work of art.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

BOUNCE! - Making of the Interactives

The resident design gurus at the Children's Museum show prototypes of the interactives that will be featured in the show.

Ball Wave:



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BOUNCE!: Super-Ball Chandelier

Chief Sphaeralogist, Henry J. Simonds,  was very pleased to collaborate with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh's staff designer, Lisa Carvajal, on a one of a kind chandelier.  The 3-tiered piece was installed in the gallery space during BOUNCE! and will be permanently installed in the nursery area of the Museum.  Here are some design renderings and the finished product for your enjoyment.

Commissions of new chandeliers will be considered.


The Founders


Finished Concept Drawing

Early 3D Concept Rendering
Early Concept Rendering Level
HJS Design Concept Sketch
Final 3D Design Rendering

Concept Rendering

Gallery view

Finished Piece

New Merchandise: I.S.S. Super-Ball Caps!

Hey Folks,

We are moving into headwear, so check out these new designs and snatch 'em up before they go.  Limited editions of 48 for both these styles for now.  If they hit, who knows, we may be National!


The Founders

"Exceptional Sphere" Chinese Calligraphy Puff Embroidered Snpaback Cap:

Calligraphy on ETSY




"UNBELIEVABLE ACTION" Royal Blue Snapback Faom Trucker Hat:

Trucker on ETSY




Friday, April 17, 2015

Baller Hat Samples

Hey Folks,

Still working on the Baller hats.  The first run was unsuccessful, so we are using them as testers for the under bill screening and to get some street feedback.  

The text will be lowered to the proper height for hats like this and be centered better.

The under bill screening tests are developing.  As someone new to screen printing, I am using these samples to get it right.  When down.  There will be 25 limited edition black ballers with the under bill prints and 10 red Ballers.

Thanks for your patience.