Friday, April 27, 2012

I.S.S. in the Real World - Super Balls Abound! -

Two recent sightings of Hypersphaerae.

Real estate maven, Ms. Lucarelli,  demonstrates how to properly rock an I.S.S. ring.

Unbeknownst to the I.S.S. leadership, the unquestionably cool Casey Kelbaugh (of Slideluck Fame) keeps a bouncy on hand at all times.  Always within reach of his signature scent.

Oh, great sightings!

The Founders

I.S.S. Pop-UP Shop at Artists and Fleas!

Hey Sphaeralogists!

This past weekend, the I.S.S. went public.  Co-Founder and Chief Sphaeralogist, Henry J. Simonds, brought the Sphaeragemmae and Sphaeravesti to this hipster market place on April 21st and 22nd.  The weather was hit or miss to say the least, but we feel like it was a good first foray into the REAL world.

We may be popping up elsewhere, but - in the meantime - enjoy these photos from the weekend.


The Founders

The Pop-Up Shop

The Latest I.S.S. Canes

The Lovely Liz Domenstrates

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Requiem for the Super Ball©" works on

Artist and I.S.S. Co-Founder, Henry J. Simonds, has joined the stable of artists on the new start-up venture, Artsicle.  The website is designed as a way to give artists exposure to new buyers and markets, by giving them a platform to have their work shown.  The service also allows members to rent works. This lets both temporary dwellers and new buyers who may want to live with a piece first to try things out on loan.  Our friend Dan is involved on the curation side, so we are pleased to be a part of the venture.

The links below take you to:

The Site:
Henry's Profile: 
and the Works:

I hope you'll share this with all your collector and artist friends.  Also, real estate brokers looking to spruce up a space.


The Founders