Monday, October 19, 2020

Hypersphaerae monomarmoreus

Hypersphaerae monomarmoreus
Marbled Monochromatic Superball

These opaque, smooth textured balls come in a variety of primary and secondary colors.  Each ball contains a range of tones within a root color spectrum from white to the base color, e.g, a variety of shades of yellow from white to lemon to sunflower to peach.  The swirls are formed in the mold and move uniformly around the surface, creating a marbled pattern.  The rubber is not injected from a single source as with a "cyclone" but mixed then molded as a skin over a solid core.  (Photo courtesy of Headwater Media.) 

Hypersphaerae monomarmoreus


A hand-crafted specimen box by Henry J. Simonds, created for the exhibition, Super•Ball, held at The Mine Factory in Pittsburgh, Pa, in December 2013.

Materials: Salvaged Booker's® bourbon collector's box, contemporary balls, hardware, plexiglass, paint, synthetic fill, and printed label.

Photo: ©2013 Henry J. Simonds/Headwater Media

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