Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Hypersphaera pele

Hypersphaera pele
Association Football Superball

One of a handful of sports-themed balls—soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.—H pele is designed to look like a traditional soccer (aka association football) ball.  It is commonly made as a solid, opaque white ball with the 12 black pentagonal shapes printed on the surface.  The surface is smooth and shiny and uniformly wrapped around a solid core in the mold.  This design consequently allows the identifying black panels to wear off quickly with play.  Although it is primarily seen in black & white, pele can be found in a variety of base colors or combinations.  A variation on the style is a solid, textured ball that features the hexagons and paneling of a traditional football's truncated icosahedron form.  (For more on the geometry of the football, visit: wiki/Truncated_icosahedron.)  (Photo credit: ©2020 Henry J. Simonds)

Hypersphaera pele

This mounted specimen was created by Henry J. Simonds for the exhibition, Super•Ball, in 2013.  Shown at The Mine Factory in Pittsburgh, Pa it was designed to mimic an award given to the artist in the 1980's at summer camp.

Photo courtesy of Headwater Media
©2013 Henry J. Simonds

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