Sunday, October 18, 2020

Hypersphaera taeniae

Hypersphaera taeniae
Clear Ribbon Swirl Superball

H taeniae are clear, molded balls that have been embedded with thin, swirling ribbons of colored material during the construction phase.  They have a smooth, shiny surface texture.  Commonly featuring primary and secondary colors, the ribbons seems to be floating in liquid (which they were) and now appear fixed in time in a moment of dynamic motion.  The ribbons vary in density and can appear opaque to translucent, allowing for beautiful play with light.  Like other solid clear balls, they are softer and less dense and, therefore, more brittle.  At higher velocity and with more force, they can easily crack and split or explode.  
(Photo Courtesy of Lenore M. Edman.

Hypersphaerae taeniae

Specimen box created by Henry J. Simonds for the exhibition, Super•Ball, at The Mine Factory in Pittsburgh, Pa, December 2013.

This large display box was created by building a new walnut box to fit an existing poster frame.  In order to see the ribbons in the balls—as the light needed to pass both through and reflect back into the specimens—the balls are fitted into a sheet of plexiglass that has been slotted into the box body some distance from the backing.  This allows for a full range of light and makes them appear to float within the case.  Materials: balls, wood, glass, plexiglass, paint, and hardware.

Photo Credit: ©2013 Henry J. Simonds/Headwater Media. 

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