Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hypersphaerae cramiconcrispo

Hypersphaerae cramiconcrispo
Creamsicle Superball

These two-tone types feature a variety of base colors with intermixed swirls of white.  They differ from "marbled" styles in that the two colors remain distinct, with no mixing, blending, or variation of the base tone.  They have a shiny, smooth surface that is formed in the mold around a solid core.  Of a medium density, they are a durable example for play.
(Photo credit: ©2012 Ryan Lai, ltbouncingball.)


Hypersphaerae cramiconcrispo

This display plaque was created by Henry J. Simonds for the collaborative exhibition, Bounce!, co-produced by the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh in 2014/15.

Photo courtesy of Headwater Media,
©2014 Henry J. Simonds

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