Monday, September 22, 2014

Thank You's

As I prepare for the Opening of the new show, BOUNCE!, in a few weeks time; I am reminded of all the folks who made the LAST show possible.  

Thanks to:

- Lani and Leigh at Nakturnal for papering the town.
- Bailey Wiegel of Copper Kettle Brewing Company for the amazing I.S.S. Beers
Heather Hackett at the East End Food Co-op for providing support for "Family Day"
- Brian Holderman for the AMAZING posters
- Bob Beckman, Matt Forrest, and the whole crew at Artist Image Resource for the incredible creative collaboration and print work.
- Stephanie and Brad Towell at Modesto Studios for the Deep-V tees!
- Ashley Andrews, Erika Johnson, and Nora Gilchrist at PCCR for a fantastic "Family Day" Make Fest.
- Rob Long and crew for everything.

- Mia for the show!!!!

If I forgot you, you are not forgotten, just currently misidentified.



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