Thursday, August 11, 2011

Official Launch

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are writing to you today to announce the official launch of the International Sphaeralogical Society. This organization was created to celebrate the history and dynamism of the amazing Super Ball®. Created in 1965, this iconic toy has been the subject of fascination and play for nearly half-a-century. The I.S.S. was created to honor and explore the unique allure and kinetic wonder of this object. We invite you to join us in exploring the evolution and future of this ball and hope you will share this site with others who find the Super Ball® as exciting as we do. We hope that you will join the I.S.S. as a member and share your knowledge and interest in all facets of the bouncy ball.

As this site grows, we hope to add member insights and content that will help to illuminate the subject and will help to ensure that others recognize the unique charm that this toy holds. In it there is history, culture, science, and psychology. There are great feats of physics and great pools of joy. This sphere - above all others - is both an expression of man's pursuit of mastery over the elements and a means for tremendous emotional and artistic expression.

Please join us in welcoming the I.S.S. into the fellowship of scientific societies. We hope that we can help to foster greater knowledge of the physical and metaphysical worlds and can bring about greater understanding of the feelings and desires that draw all of us in the human race together.


The Founding Members of the International Sphaeralogical Society

PS - It will be fun too :-)

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