Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hypersphaera degruyii

Hypersphaera degruyii
Brain Coral Superball

These duotone spheres appear in a variety of colors, set against a white background.  The squiggle pattern undulates around the entire surface and resembles the labyrinthine structure of the grooved brain coral, Diploria labyrinthiformis.    

This ball is named in memory of Mike deGruy, the renown filmmaker and marine biologist.  In recognition of the critical role that corals play in the health of the marine ecosystem and in dedication to deGruy's life long commitment to the preservation of the world's oceans and the creatures within it, this specimen will forever bare his name.

Photo Courtesy of Lenore M. Edman

Hypersphaera degruyii, 2013
by Henry J. Simonds

A specimen box created for the ongoing project,
Requiem for the Super Ball®, From the exhibition Super•Ball.

Photo Courtesy of Henry J. Simonds, ©2013

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