Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HowStuffWorks - SuperBalls

"A dark purple sphere about the size of a plum, Super Ball has already bounced into millions of U.S. homes, shows no signs of slowing down. McGeorge Bundy bounces Super Balls in his Washington basement, brokers on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange throw them about the floor during slack hours, Manhattan executives dribble them on their desks, and kids around the country are bouncing them down sidewalks and school corridors."

      -   Time magazine, 1965.

Check out the article on HowStuffWorkd.com about the science and history of the SuperBall. 


There is some really geeky stuff here for you to dork over.  So enjoy and learn.  The one thing missing here is an understanding of the Coefficient of Restitution, for which the Original SuperBall is legendary.


The Founders

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