Monday, April 2, 2012

"Requiem for the Super Ball©" works on

Artist and I.S.S. Co-Founder, Henry J. Simonds, has joined the stable of artists on the new start-up venture, Artsicle.  The website is designed as a way to give artists exposure to new buyers and markets, by giving them a platform to have their work shown.  The service also allows members to rent works. This lets both temporary dwellers and new buyers who may want to live with a piece first to try things out on loan.  Our friend Dan is involved on the curation side, so we are pleased to be a part of the venture.

The links below take you to:

The Site:
Henry's Profile: 
and the Works:

I hope you'll share this with all your collector and artist friends.  Also, real estate brokers looking to spruce up a space.


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